Nubia Red Magic 7 review

Let's take a quick overview:Pros Stellar performance Excellent mobile gaming experience Much-improved

By Jena Mcpherson 19 Min Read

Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G review

Let's take a quick overview:Pros Dazzling 120Hz screen Capable performance Strong camerasCons

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Privado VPN review

Let's take a quick overview:Pros Largely owned & operated server network Good

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Creality Sermoon V1 Pro review

Let's take a quick overview:Pros Fully built and ready to print Built-in

By Jena Mcpherson 17 Min Read


21 Easy Tailgate Recipes to Bring to the Next Game

On most Saturdays from September to November, you can find me in a parking lot in my college town, trying to toss a ping pong ball into a red plastic

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15 Single-Serving Desserts for When You Just Need a Treat

To the people who tell me they don’t have much of a sweet tooth or even

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Easy Dinner Recipes For When You Don’t Want To Cook

No matter what I do or where I am in my life, it’s absolutely inevitable that

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All of The Starbucks Fall Drinks, Ranked

Last fall, our team decided to embark on a journey—some might call it the journey of

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The Workout Motivation Tips Our Editors Swear By

For a lot of us, there’s no better feeling than knowing you crushed a workout when you could’ve just as

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Stretching: The Crucial Thing Missing Your Workout

So you know to prioritize both cardio and strengthening, fit in a walk or yoga flow even when you don’t

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Strength Training or Cardio: Which Should You Focus On?

There’s one question that trainers get more often than any other: “Should I be focusing more on strength training or

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Tabata: The 4-Minute Workout That Everyone Should Do

Bored of your regular fitness routine or sick of hearing yourself explain that you don’t have time for a workout?

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What to Do If Your Partner Doesn’t Go Down On You

About a year ago, I discussed my thoughts on DJ Khaled not going down on his wife. TL;DR (but please,

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How To Deal With Sexual Shame, According to Experts

It wasn’t until my mid-to-late-twenties that I realized I was carrying around a significant amount of sexual shame, and how

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Why Are Milenials Having Less Sex?

The rise of dating and hook-up apps means that access to sex has never been easier—at least in theory. Although

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Summer Dinner Recipes for When It’s Too Hot to Cook

When it’s north of 90 degrees outside and the AC is blasting, the last thing I want to do is

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Meet Evernote: Our Best Kept Secret for Staying Ahead of the Workplace

One thing about me? I’m a Type-B person disguised as a Type-A person. I’m that girl who sends post-nap “still

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Does Size Really Matter? We’re Breaking It Down

Quite possibly one of the first things you ever heard about sex had to do with the size of a

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How Meditation Can Help You at Work

They say if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life. And while that may

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10 Sex Positions To Try When It’s Too Hot To Function

Last summer, I lived in a home with no AC, and during the extremely hot and humid periods, my sex

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