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The Sex Position to Try Based on Your Enneagram

The first thing you’ll ever hear about sex is that there are tons of positions and that people get themselves

By Jena Mcpherson 9 Min Read

5 Habits That Can Boost Your Sex Life

Sometimes, it can seem like we’re all being told everything we should be doing. Eat more cauliflower! Try this new

By Jena Mcpherson 9 Min Read

Why Are Milenials Having Less Sex?

The rise of dating and hook-up apps means that access to sex has never been easier—at least in theory. Although

By Jena Mcpherson 8 Min Read

Does Size Really Matter? We’re Breaking It Down

Quite possibly one of the first things you ever heard about sex had to do with the size of a

By Jena Mcpherson 7 Min Read

10 Sex Positions To Try When It’s Too Hot To Function

Last summer, I lived in a home with no AC, and during the extremely hot and humid periods, my sex

By Jena Mcpherson 10 Min Read

12 Ways To Keep Your Sex Life Spicy

We all hear how important it is to “keep the spark alive” in a relationship. I’ve always kind of hated

By Jena Mcpherson 10 Min Read

How to Properly Clean Your Sex Toys

I’d like to start this by saying if you haven’t cleaned your toys yet: Now that we’ve gotten that out of

By Jena Mcpherson 6 Min Read

How to Have Hot Sex—Even In Isolation

My first foray into cybersex happened the same way it happened for many people: Chatroulette. The site wanted to be

By Jena Mcpherson 10 Min Read

Sex Bucket List: 12 Ways to Get Frisky & Improve Your Sex Life

Whether you’re having sex with your wife, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your best friend, someone you met on Tinder a

By Jena Mcpherson 9 Min Read